About JobFuel

JobFuel is a job aggregator for the staffing industry.

Our mission is to become the #1 site in the U.S. and Canada for staffing industry jobs.

  • We will have more staffing jobs than any other website.
  • We will deliver the lowest cost per application of any job site.
  • We will provide the best experience to the job seeker of any job site.

So how are we doing this?

Easy for staffing companies.

JobFuel will pull in your jobs automatically, so there is NO work for you.

Accurate, convenient searching.

JobFuel is a dream for job seekers who are interested in temporary or contract jobs. One-stop job shopping. Easy searching. And Job Bots. We make it easy to find perfect-match jobs!

Ultra low cost.

Did you see our pricing?

Simple pricing.

There’s three choices, just pick one!

Aggressive search and social marketing.

Social Sharing. PPC. We’ll do all we can to attract candidates to your jobs. And the bigger we get, the more we’ll invest in marketing your jobs!

Strengthen your employer brand.

We have several future upgrades coming to JobFuel, but we can’t share them yet!

And why are we doing this?

There are thousands of job boards and aggregators our there already, why does the world need another one?

Well, the staffing industry does.

Over the past several years, the major job sites have gotten more and more aggressive about cutting out the staffing industry. They’ve blocked your job post. They’ve jacked their fees. And worst of all, they’ve introduced services that directly compete with the staffing industry!

And it’s no secret that two of the biggest guys are owned by staffing firms (why would you give them your money and your candidates???).

JobFuel was created to support the staffing industry—to help staffing and recruiting firms to better promote their jobs, attract candidates, and lower recruiting costs. We’re here to help you…not to compete with you.

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