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Infographic: The Truth About Temporary Assignments and Contract Work

Think temp and contract jobs are dead-end? Low-paying? Think again. Get the facts you need here to make a smart choice for your career:

The Pitch: How to Sell a Great Candidate on Your Client’s Opportunity

Currently trying to court a lazy, out-of-work, unskilled worker for one of your open JOs? Ha – didn’t think so! Obviously, your clients want exceptional candidates. But in today’s employment, it’s a real struggle to close the deal with the ideal person once you’ve recruited them – even when the position pays well and the… Read more »

Want to Build Your Job Skills – and Your Resume? Do This ONE Thing

Work as a temporary employee! For uninformed job seekers, words like “temp” and “temping” may have negative connotations. But when you consider all of benefits temp work offers, one thing becomes clear: Assignments are a smart, career-building alternative to a traditional job. Here are just a few of the ways temporary assignments through a reputable… Read more »

Post That Pay Rate!

If you want to hire a great candidate, you need to think like a job seeker. So consider this: Would a job posting with “DOE” or “TBD” instead of a clear pay rate entice you to apply – or just irritate you? The answer is pretty obvious, right? In a tight candidate market, you need… Read more »

Setting a New Year’s Resolution for Your Career? Here’s How to Make it Stick

Get a job. Get a promotion. Get a raise. It’s pretty easy to set New Year’s resolutions for your career (heck, we just set three!), but it’s much, much tougher to follow through on them. In fact, of the 40% of us who make annual resolutions, fewer than 1 in 10 actually keep them. Do… Read more »

Make Your Next Interview Your Last (Part 1: Answering Zinger Questions)

Tired of being the runner-up when looking for work? Is a lack of confidence or experience sabotaging your interview performance? Then this series of posts on job interview tips is just for you. Over the next few months, the JobFuel Launch Team will be presenting our best advice on how to nail a job interview.… Read more »

Job Interview 1st Impressions: Make an Interviewer’s Snap Decisions Work in Your Favor

Headed out on a job interview? Then know this: Your interviewer begins sizing you up from the moment they lay eyes on you. In this infographic, we share some surprising statistics: It takes someone just 1/10th of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face. Longer exposures don’t significantly alter those… Read more »

Job Interview First Impressions: The Numbers You Need to Know (Infographic)

How long does it take for an interviewer to decide whether you’re “hireable” – or just undesirable? How much of a first impression is based on what you say – versus how you look? Find science-backed data here: Ignite Your Job Search Find thousands of temporary jobs and full-time jobs on JobFuel that you won’t… Read more »

Get Off to a Great Start with a Staffing Agency

You might choose to work with a staffing firm for a wide variety of reasons: maintaining schedule flexibility; earning extra cash; gaining work experience; preventing employment gaps while searching for a direct job; trying out various job duties and work environments; establishing new business connections and broadening your professional network; getting a foot in the… Read more »

The Recruiting Plumber: Fixing Leaks from a Slow Hiring Process (part 3 of 3)

Losing too many great candidates? It’s so frustrating. After investing a ton of time and effort recruiting talented people, staffing and recruiting firms are seeing field associates and candidates: skipping client interviews completely ignoring formal job offers no-showing for assignments And the longer unemployment rates stay low, the worse these problems becomes. These days, no… Read more »