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Get Your jobs on JobFuel….the job site for the staffing industry.

What does it cost?

Choose one of these three pricing plans:

  • The Booster

  • $100 per month
  • Up to 100 jobs
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  • The Main Stage

  • $200 per month
  • Up to 500 jobs
  • Sign Up Now
  • The Big Kahuna

  • $500 per month
  • Up to 2,500 Jobs*
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What is JobFuel?

JobFuel is a job aggregator created for the staffing industry. The jobs on this site are all from staffing and recruiting firms.

How does JobFuel help our firm recruit?

JobFuel promotes your jobs using digital marketing. Every job is optimized for search engines. We promote jobs on social media. And we invest a portion of the fees we receive into pay per click advertising to drive active and passive seekers to JobFuel.

Can JobFuel guarantee results?

No, we can’t. We have a team of super bright search marketing and social media specialists who are doing all we can to drive targeted job seekers to your jobs, but we can’t guarantee any specific volume of traffic. But realistically, it only takes about one placement to pay for an entire year of JobFuel, so your risk is near zero.

How long is the commitment?

Unlike those other guys with their big annual contracts, there is NO long-term commitment. Signup for JobFuel, and we start marketing your jobs. If you don’t like our service, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked! (Well, actually we may ask because we always want to improve!)

Can I really quit at any time?

Yes, we already said that. Stop making us repeat ourselves.

Will JobFuel replace what I spend with other job boards?

Eventually, yes. But right now, we are just getting started, so we don’t have the web-cred of some of the bigger guys. The more jobs we get from you, and the more we promote your jobs, the more authoritative (ooh, good SEO word!) our site will become, and the more traffic we will draw to your jobs.

Can our firm help promote JobFuel?

Absolutely! Add our free banner and link to your website to show off that you advertise your jobs on JobFuel. The more that all our clients help spread the word to staffing job seekers, the more everyone benefits.

This kind of sounds like a co-op, is it?

That was our intent—to create a site that’s a real win-win for the staffing industry and for people who are looking for the kinds of jobs staffing firms offer. While JobFuel is a for-profit business, our mission is to become the most cost-effective job site for the staffing industry.

So have we convinced you to give JobFuel a try?