Flying Solo on Your Job Search? Get a Career Co-Pilot

Unemployment may be low, but that doesn’t mean your job search will be quick or easy.

In fact, successful professionals like you might have a tougher time finding the ideal opportunity than ever. While job boards like JobFuel are a great tool to identify potential positions, an experienced staffing recruiter can keep your search on course. Here are just a few of the ways a staffing firm can make finding the ideal job faster and more efficient:

  • Tap into the hidden job market. Did you know that many of the hottest career opportunities are filled directly by staffing agencies – and are never advertised on job board “monsters”? The truth is, many top employers rely exclusively on staffing agencies to identify the best candidates for their available roles. When you apply with a staffing firm, you can instantly access countless “hidden” job opportunities.
  • Connect with true hiring authorities. Find it frustrating to hit “Submit,” and then never hear back from your dream employer? The best staffing firms have key connections with great employers and can ensure your resume reaches the right decision-maker.
  • Gain a career advocate. Staffing recruiters aren’t compensated unless they place the right person in the right role. To that end, many staffing firms proactively (and confidentially) market talented candidates directly to select employers. Keeping your best interests at heart, recruiters act as your career advocate – ensuring that your job skills, experience and personal brand are presented in a favorable light to relevant employers.
  • Get insider information. Staffing services have a deep understanding of the organizations they represent. Before you head into an interview, your recruiter can share valuable knowledge about the company’s hiring process and culture, as well as the hiring manager’s personality and interview style. Armed with these insights, you can perform even better in your interview.
  • Save time and minimize stress. Most people – including high-performing professionals – find the job search process taxing. Staffing recruiters are experts at facilitating great matches between talent and opportunity. Acting as your career co-pilot, they can help guide you through the nerve-wracking (and time-consuming) process of identifying and interviewing for your ideal job. When you work with a staffing partner, you get greater peace of mind, knowing someone else is sharing the cockpit.

Looking for the ideal job?

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