The Pitch: How to Sell a Great Candidate on Your Client’s Opportunity

Currently trying to court a lazy, out-of-work, unskilled worker for one of your open JOs? Ha – didn’t think so! Obviously, your clients want exceptional candidates. But in today’s employment, it’s a real struggle to close the deal with the ideal person once you’ve recruited them – even when the position pays well and the… Read more »

Post That Pay Rate!

If you want to hire a great candidate, you need to think like a job seeker. So consider this: Would a job posting with “DOE” or “TBD” instead of a clear pay rate entice you to apply – or just irritate you? The answer is pretty obvious, right? In a tight candidate market, you need… Read more »

The Recruiting Plumber: Fixing Leaks from a Slow Hiring Process (part 3 of 3)

Losing too many great candidates? It’s so frustrating. After investing a ton of time and effort recruiting talented people, staffing and recruiting firms are seeing field associates and candidates: skipping client interviews completely ignoring formal job offers no-showing for assignments And the longer unemployment rates stay low, the worse these problems becomes. These days, no… Read more »

Want Better Candidates? Start with Better Recruiting Ads (part 2)

Ever heard the phrase: “Garbage In, Garbage Out?” Well, it’s as true for recruiting ads as it is for computer programming. The higher the quality of information you put into your job postings, the higher the quality of candidates your efforts will ultimately yield. And the difference between a “garbage” job posting and a stand-out… Read more »

Want Better Candidates? Start with Better Recruiting Ads (part 1)

Do your recruiting ads truly stand out? Let’s be honest. Writing job posting after job posting, month after months can get a little, well, DULL. But if you’re just “phoning it in,” you can’t expect to recruit the best candidates. Skeptical? Then try this: go to a major job board and search for a job… Read more »

The Recruiting Plumber: Fixing a “Leaky” Mobile Candidate Experience (part 2 of 3)

Struggling to get exceptional applicants? Maybe your mobile candidate experience has sprung a leak! Research shows that 76% of candidates will leave your website if it’s not mobile-optimized. And as many as 40% of mobile candidates will abandon your application if it doesn’t work well on a smartphone or tablet. Candidates love using mobile technology… Read more »

Recruiting for Staffing Firms: What Works Best? (Infographic)

Anyone who works in the staffing industry understands that, in today’s economy and employment market, finding talent is hard. And the range of available tools and techniques is dizzying! What works best? Here’s what our survey of nearly 500 staffing professionals showed:

The Recruiting Plumber: Fix the Leaks in Your Candidate Funnel (part 1 of 3)

When you have a leaky pipe, you call a plumber. But when you have a leaking talent pipeline? You need to be your own recruiting “plumber.” Symptoms of a “Leaky” Candidate Funnel Include: Not seeing enough qualified candidates. Too many job seekers dropping out of your recruiting process somewhere along the way. Candidates being “poached”… Read more »