Post That Pay Rate!

If you want to hire a great candidate, you need to think like a job seeker. So consider this:

Would a job posting with “DOE” or “TBD” instead of a clear pay rate entice you to apply – or just irritate you?

The answer is pretty obvious, right?

In a tight candidate market, you need every recruiting advantage you can get. Hiding behind vague pay-related acronyms isn’t doing you any favors. If you want to give your posting a fighting chance at attracting qualified talent…

Include pay rates in job postings!

Here are five reasons to post pay (either an exact number or a range) if you want your opportunities to get noticed:

Job seekers are busy.

They want to know what they’re getting themselves into, before taking the time to apply (and who can blame them?).

Providing pay information increases recruiting efficiency.

Disclosing salary estimates up front allows candidates to self-select out, reducing the amount of time your recruiters invest pursuing the wrong people.

Pay ranges provide job seekers with valuable insights on required experience.

Some clients’ job descriptions upsell requirements, making the opportunity sound more high-level than it truly is. Other times, the opposite is true. Without a clear pay rate or salary range listed, an ideal candidate may incorrectly conclude they’re over- or under-qualified for a job – and never apply.

Candidates assume the worst.

Right or wrong, most job seekers think that, if there’s no pay rate listed, one of two things is true:

  • The pay rate is too horrible to disclose.
  • They’re reading a generic recruiting post, and there’s really no specific job available.

Neither is going to entice them to pursue the opportunity!

And if that pay rate really is too low to post? Educate your clients about the realities of our recruiting market. Train your account managers to be better consultants, sharing relevant pay data and explaining the positive “domino effect” competitive pay has on offer acceptance, candidate quality, job performance, retention and more. When you convince clients to offer competitive wages, everybody benefits.

It builds trust.

Including a pay rate or range in your job listing shows that your staffing firm is transparent. That transparency is the first step in earning a candidate’s trust, which is a critical component in any employment relationship.

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