The Pitch: How to Sell a Great Candidate on Your Client’s Opportunity

Currently trying to court a lazy, out-of-work, unskilled worker for one of your open JOs?

Ha – didn’t think so!

Obviously, your clients want exceptional candidates. But in today’s employment, it’s a real struggle to close the deal with the ideal person once you’ve recruited them – even when the position pays well and the company is a great place to work.

How to Hit a Staffing Home Run – and Score a Great Candidate for Your Client

Don’t worry; today’s post is not riddled with tortured baseball puns (we like you too much to do that!). It just contains practical tips you and your recruiters can use to stack the deck in your favor – and convince a high performer to accept your client’s opportunity:

Think like a high performer.

While a desperate job seeker may be willing to accept any assignment or job, high performers have lots of options – and are more discerning as a result. Here are a few important factors they weigh when evaluating your opportunity:

  • Alignment. Exceptional candidates understand their strength, natural work style, and the value they bring to an opportunity. Like your clients, they look for the best overall fit between themselves and the available role.
  • Strategic value. Talented people evaluate potential job changes strategically, much as one would a business opportunity.
  • Growth potential. High performers are forward-thinkers who look for ways they can grow their talents and advance their career with an organization.

To convince a candidate that an opportunity is right for them, design an appeal that addresses these evaluation factors.

Focus on the gap.

In this earlier post on writing great recruiting ads, we reviewed the concept of a “performance profile” and its role in attracting high-quality talent. You’ve worked hard to develop an in-depth description of the major challenges that must be met to succeed in a role – use it to seal the deal! If your candidate is on the fence, create an “opportunity gap” in their mind. Use the performance profile to highlight significant differences between the individual’s last/current role and the new one. If you can convince a high performer that they’d be passing on a major opportunity, you have a better chance of landing them.

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